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Active Directory is a critical component of the IT infrastructure that provides user authentication and the ability to manage access rights to various resources. It creates a uniform environment for users and computers, which avoids scattered configurations and helps ensure a stable and easy-to-manage infrastructure.

Tenable Identity Exposure is a fast, agentless Active Directory security solution that gives you visibility into your entire AD environment, provides insight into what matters to reduce attack risk, and eliminates attack paths before they are exploited.

Learn about current AD security and how to prevent modern attacks with Tenable Identity Exposure.


Why does AD need to be protected?

What challenges do security professionals face? 

An intelligent approach with Tenable Identity Exposure to analyze and monitor AD security (or vulnerabilities)

Configuration can be easy, but opening up an attack surface is even easier

Responding to threats and attack paths

Analyzing the interaction between an administrator and a cybersecurity analyst



Olha Novak

Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH


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