We have already organized more than one training, as a result of which specialists have gained the necessary knowledge and confirmed it. Therefore, we aren’t hesitating to announce programs for the summer of 2024 that will help prepare for vendor certification and improve skills:


  • June 3-4: F5 BIG-IP Administration Training (16 hours) — a basic F5 course where you will learn the basics of working with the F5 BIG-IP platform: deploying, configuring, and administering F5 devices.
  • June 10-12: F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Configuration Training (24 hours) — an in-depth course that will help you master the intricacies of load balancing within the data center using F5’s Local Traffic Manager module.
  • June 17-18: F5 BIG-IP Troubleshooting Training (16 hours) — an in-depth course where you will master the basic tools for finding common problems and misconfigurations of F5 products and learn how to quickly and efficiently fix them.
  • July 1-5: F5 BIG-IP AWF, AFM, APM: Deploying, managing, and setting security products (40 hours) — a comprehensive week-long training on deploying, managing, and setting F5 BIG-IP AWF, AFM, and APM security solutions.



Why should you choose to train on F5 solutions at BAKOTECH?

  • Authorized vendor training center: the competence of trainers, the relevance of programs, and the practical value of the knowledge gained are tested and confirmed directly by F5.
  • Maximum efficiency: we transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills through laboratory work in a test environment with licensed F5 equipment.
  • Added value for the specialist: our programs are high-quality training before vendor certification. The specialist will increase their level of knowledge, pass the F5 exam without any problems, and bring additional value due to their higher qualifications.
  • A profitable investment: each training can be taken separately, but if you purchase 3 or more programs, you will receive a 10% discount, and you can allocate the saved funds to the needs of the company.
  • Individual approach: you have the opportunity to study according to individual programs and schedules because we do everything to ensure that specialists receive the best knowledge.

Please note that training is paid. Click on the button to find out the details and choose your training.

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