Commercial bank with foreign capital
Main tasks: Ensure the stability of the bank’s retail lending system and increase the availability of its online services
Vendor: Dynatrace
Products and solutions used: AppMon, DC RUM 


OTP Bank Ukraine is one of the largest banks and a recognized leader in Ukraine’s financial sector. It has been in the domestic market since 1998 and has a strong reputation as a socially responsible, reliable, and stable structure offering European quality services to its customers. Since 2006, it has been a part of OTP Bank Plc., a leader in the Hungarian banking sector, represented in 9 other countries. OTP Bank Ukraine is among the top five largest banks by assets and among the ten most reliable banks in the country.


The bank’s management planned to implement an application performance monitoring solution due to the increasing customer demand for the quality of electronic service channels, and to improve the efficiency of all systems involved in issuing consumer loans. The client’s most essential requirement was a strong local team of engineers.


To increase the system’s availability, the first step was to increase its visibility and understand how it works and interacts with other applications. Thanks to deep customization of two linked Dynatrace solutions (
AppMon and DC RUM), we achieved full visibility of the entire cycle of each application — from the moment of its execution to the moment of loan disbursement. This involved engineers from the BAKOTECH Group and the vendor. 

All this became possible due to the implementation of several approaches and technologies in the field of business-critical applications monitoring: 

  • iFOBS banking system monitoring 
  • separate monitoring of DMZ and Private Zone 
  • full monitoring of operations in Siebel CRM 


The most anticipated project results were the increased availability of the bank’s flagship online products, OTP Smart and OTP Online, and full visibility of the bank systems’ entire chain when issuing consumer loans. Now, all business-critical applications run smoothly, otherwise, the bank’s IT specialists see a problem in its initial stage and can respond quickly enough to avoid affecting customers.

Dashboards with business KPIs were developed, especially for the business unit of OTP Bank, to track the efficiency of services and, accordingly, control them. Thanks to these KPIs, responsible bank employees can receive information, particularly about the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns. 


“Almost all banking products and services depend on IT technologies, and this dependence is growing every year. The bank’s customers have become more demanding of online services, they value speed, continuity, and simplicity in executing transactions. After implementing Dynatrace solutions, the stability of our systems has increased, and we have increased the availability of our flagship products, OTP Smart and OTP Online. The number of OTP Smart users has already exceeded 100 thousand people, and we believe that this is, among other things, due to implementing Dynatrace solutions,” says Lilia Lazepko, OTP Bank’s Board Member in charge of Operations and IT.

“The main result of this project was that the bank received record sales, a merit of the IT department that ensured the system’s smooth operation. And the presence of Dynatrace solutions in the IT infrastructure allows us to speak confidently about the quality of service for our customers,” said Vitaliy Korzhanyuk, Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations. 

If you are interested in Dynatrace products or have any questions about the vendor’s solutions, please contact us at dynatrace@bakotech.com 

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