Logsign, a company that develops solutions to simplify the work of cybersecurity professionals, has announced its expansion into new markets. This means that even more companies will be able to take advantage of the vendor’s advanced products, which are already trusted by the world’s most famous organizations.
BAKOTECH has become the exclusive distributor of Logsign solutions. From now on, companies in Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan will be able to purchase vendor solutions and get technical support from local specialists.

Logsign is a company that provides a holistic approach to robust security. This eliminates the need for organizations to deploy multiple security tools, incurring additional costs and time.

Logsign creates a unified work surface by seamlessly integrating current and future security tools. The platform integrates with Cisco, Extreme, Exchange, Palo Alto Networks, WatchGuard and many other products to provide maximum company protection.

Logsign solutions are relevant for such areas as banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education and government. The vendor’s clients include Mitsubishi Electric, Toyota, Deloitte, Fujitsu and others.

Reputable analysts such as Gartner, Cyber Defense Magazine and the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards have recognized Logsign in their reports and award ceremonies.

Logsign Unified SecOps

The Logsign Unified SecOps Platform provides comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) with integrated next-generation SIEM, threat intelligence, UEBA, and SOAR. For the past two years, Gartner has recognized the platform’s effectiveness in the SIEM Magic Quadrant. The platform allows you to consolidate security data, gain actionable insights, and automate responses to optimize your threat protection. The platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security solutions, leveraging an extensive integration library to boost functionality and deliver a comprehensive security management experience.

«We want to enable cybersecurity professionals to work more efficiently with smart, next-generation software,» says Logsign representative. «We have created a consolidated, intelligently integrated, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use platform based on the market experience, inspiration and knowledge we have received from our customers. We hope that through cooperation with BAKOTECH, even more organizations will be able to optimize their protection and have a positive experience.»

«For us, an exclusive partnership with a new vendor is always a great responsibility and a source of pride», notes Eugene Badakh, CEO at BAKOTECH. «We are glad that Logsign trusts our expertise and are confident that our cooperation will be productive. Every modern company strives to improve its cyber resilience and close the compliance requirements. And Logsign will help do this without the stress.»

About Logsign

Logsign is a global leader in cybersecurity. It has developed a powerful, user-friendly platform that optimizes processes, reduces risks, and provides complete transparency of IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to increase cyber resilience. Logsign’s advanced technology helps you proactively detect threats and optimize your response. Your data, systems, and digital assets are protected and compliant with regulatory requirements. The vendor provides its customers with the necessary tools to proactively protect their future. More than 600 enterprises trust Logsign, and Gartner constantly recognizes the effectiveness of its solutions.


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