INDEX.PHP: Implementation of Riverbed Network Performance Monitoring System: PrivatBank Case Study


Industry: state-owned commercial bank 
Main tasks: increase network visibility, speed up incident response, implement proactive monitoring, improve incident analysis, automate processes 
Vendor: Riverbed 
Products and solutions used: Network Performance Monitoring 


PrivatBank is the largest Ukrainian commercial bank and one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe. It was one of the first banks in Ukraine to introduce digital banking services and technological solutions that allow customers to use most services remotely. It has the second-largest network of branches and the largest network of ATMs and terminals in Ukraine. The bank owns the PrivatMoney money transfer system and the most popular payment services in Ukraine, Privat24 and LiqPay. First in Ukraine to connect Google Pay and Apple Pay payment services. 


The bank wanted to improve its troubleshooting processes, increase network visibility, move to proactive monitoring, and improve incident response and analysis. Another challenge was finding a single monitoring tool for all departments: network management, security, development, DevOps, and others. 


PrivatBank chose Riverbed Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) after comparing it with competitors and conducting a feasibility study. Implementing NPM was not easy, but the situation gradually stabilized. With the help of BAKOTECH, PrivatBank promptly resolved cases of improvements and technical support from the vendor. The bank had to spend time integrating NPM with a large branched physical network to cover all traffic, but it worked out. 


The customer claims that the number of problems has decreased, and critical ones have been resolved long ago. Incident analysis has become much easier, and sharing comprehensive data with other departments is now possible. Any request from other departments regarding network issues is promptly resolved with Riverbed NPM. The network management department became less busy, and other colleagues became more aware of their work and the bank’s network.

They managed to implement a proactive monitoring system: when the bank sees degradation in certain areas of the network, they act proactively. The network management team has also received an expertise tool that allows them to analyze and resolve any incidents much faster.


“We appreciate the cooperation with our partner. We wouldn’t have been able to deploy this system without the participation of our partners. But the support during operation is no less valuable. All cases, and all wishes, are resolved rapidly. I only wish that the interaction would remain at the same level.” — Andrii Avrakhov, Head of Network Management at PrivatBank.  

Follow the link to learn more about Riverbed Network Performance Monitoring: https://riverbed.bakotech.com/npm