INDEX.PHP: BAKOTECH becomes an exclusive distributor of passwordless access solutions from Hideez Group

BAKOTECH, an international True Value-Added IT distributor, continues to build a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. The company has signed an agreement with Hideez Group, a solutions manufacturer for passwordless access to corporate resources. BAKOTECH is now an exclusive distributor of Hideez solutions in Ukraine, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.  

Hideez Group Inc.
is an American cybersecurity company with Ukrainian roots that focuses on developing passwordless access solutions for complex corporate systems. With these solutions, the developer aims to solve the problem of password vulnerability and simplify access management to speed up employee authentication. All Hideez products have international FIDO2 and FIDO U2F certifications and an expert opinion of Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection. This allows using Hideez products in governmental, financial, international, and other organizations. Thus, the Hideez authentication system is adapted for use in enterprises with high-security standards, such as hospitals, clinics, banks, industrial enterprises, etc. 

Hideez Authentication Service allows setting up authentication to corporate systems based on unique identification data. In particular, access can be provided using physical security keys, a mobile application, Passkey cryptographic keys integrated with personal devices, etc. In this case, the password in the usual sense of the word is non-existent, which means it cannot be compromised or forgotten. 

Key advantages: 

Hideez Group has partnerships with other companies that deal with access control and security issues, such as Yubico, PingID, One Identity, CyberArk, and Ekran System. The latter are also BAKOTECH partners. In addition, Hideez continues to support integrations with Active Directory and Azure AD. In 2023, the vendor became a Microsoft-compatible FIDO2 security key provider, which speaks to their unrivaled reputation in the market and technological ability to interact with various systems. In addition to FIDO passwordless authentication, Hideez Key physical security keys support standard password-based login, OTR-based two-factor authentication, and automatic PC unlock/lock based on user proximity. 

With access control becoming an increasingly prominent topic in cybersecurity every year, adding Hideez’s passwordless login solutions to the market will open up more options for customers to protect themselves. Regular news reports of high-profile cyberattacks emphasize the weak security of credentials and the vulnerability of accessing corporate resources. Hideez’s solution can improve the situation and allow companies to strengthen their defenses. 



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