INDEX.PHP: BAKOTECH becomes the official distributor of Picus Security in the Ukrainian market

Picus Security products are now available to Ukrainian customers in the BAKOTECH portfolio. The vendor’s solutions are already available through the distributor’s partner network in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Central Asia. 

Picus Security is a pioneer in the field of breach and attack simulation (BAS) technology.   

The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform provides an automatic, continuous, and consistent 24/7 assessment of an organization’s security posture. With Picus Security, companies can build a complete picture of their threat preparedness and optimize security investments to prevent serious incidents. 

“Organizing infrastructure security is a real challenge for companies. The landscape of cyber threats is constantly changing, but it is not very pleasant to learn about these changes “in practice”. The way out is to check the effectiveness of security systems using simulation technologies constantly,” says Myroslav Bondar, Director of B1, BAKOTECH. “Picus Security products allow you to simulate real attacks, point out potential security gaps, and provide recommendations for mitigating the consequences. Thus, users receive a clear answer to the questions: “Are all security solutions working properly?” and “How can I increase the cyber resilience of my defense?” 

To keep the platform up to date, Picus experts constantly update the threat library. The library includes new types of malware, ransomware, and techniques experienced cybercriminals use. 

All Picus products are designed with ease of use in mind and integrated to provide a consistent workflow. 

For more information about Picus Security solutions, please visit https://www.picussecurity.com/ 

About Picus Security 

Picus Security is the innovator of Breach and Attack Simulation technology. Leading organizations worldwide trust Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform to continuously validate the effectiveness of security controls against cyberattacks and provide insights to optimize them. The company has a global network of sales and alliance partners. Picus has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.  


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