About event

BAKOTECH is organizing a discussion to explore the delicate balance between robust security measures and a smooth user experience. In today’s interconnected digital landscape, keeping this balance is crucial. 

We will show that achieving optimal cybersecurity doesn’t mean sacrificing user experience. Join us to get insights and practical advice to harmonize these important aspects! 

During the discussion, experts will delve into these topics: 

– Risk assessment: understanding the level of risk associated with various security measures 
– Simplicity: how to make security measures as simple and intuitive as possible 
– Education and awareness: how specific measures protect user data and privacy
– Continuous improvement: assessing and refining security measures 
– Compliance: how security measures comply with relevant regulations and standards 

Event Agenda



A complex security scheme is a complication for the user 



How to secure data qualitatively and conveniently



Main points for the “security-ease of use balance”


Ivan Rudnytskyi

Senior Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH

Dmytro Lubimov

Junior Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH


Prior registration for the event is required.