Commercial bank
Main tasks: Improving the user experience
Vendor: Dynatrace
Products and solutions used: PurePath technology 


TBC Bank
is one of the leading banks in Georgia, headquartered in Tbilisi, which has been providing services since 1992. Over the course of its operations, it has received the Best Bank of Georgia award (2011), and its Internet banking has been recognized as one of the best in Central and Eastern Europe. 


The main task was to improve the digital user experience. Every year, customers’ demands for service quality are increasing. That is why any errors in a service, delays in online banking operations, or any other service threaten customer dissatisfaction and loss of loyalty.


Dynatrace is a leader in application performance monitoring. This fact and the ability to monitor the user experience at all stages of interaction with the application using AI led to the implementation of Dynatrace at TBC Bank.


TBC Bank’s specialists commend PurePath technology. Thanks to its implementation, IT specialists receive detailed information about each transaction, prevent problems, or quickly diagnose them. This has become a factor in the growth and improvement of TBC Bank’s online banking service: the company has a steadily increasing number of digital users who note the convenience and speed of the service.

PurePath technology diagnoses user activity at all levels, generating reports with a full analysis of clicks and transactions without averages and approximate figures — only dry statistics. The technology is implemented without changes in the original program code. 


Vazha Beriashvili
, the Deputy Director for Retail Sales: 

“TBC Bank is a leader in the Georgian banking market with half a million customers per month. Many of our customers use the bank’s services via the Internet, so the stable operation of our Internet banking is critical for us. We have achieved this goal by working efficiently, which has resulted in a special award for Internet banking.” 

Givi Dochviri, Head of IT Support: 

“Dynatrace helps us monitor the performance of our applications from the user interface to the databases. This allows us to improve our services proactively and identify problems both on the client side and in our infrastructure. Monitoring a complex IT infrastructure such as TBC Bank’s is a challenge that Dynatrace was able to meet in full. And the detailed and systematized information about issues has made interaction with our contractors transparent. PurePath technology provides detailed information about each transaction and as a result, we can prevent problems or diagnose them quickly.” 

If you are interested in Dynatrace products or have any questions about the vendor’s solutions, please contact us at dynatrace@bakotech.com 

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