Netscout started cooperation with Ukrainian IT distributor BAKOTECH. The agreement covers Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova. BAKOTECH’s task will be to improve brand awareness in these regions, generate demand for the vendor’s products, and create opportunities to meet it.  

Netscout Systems
is an American manufacturer of network and application performance management solutions, as well as DDoS protection and incident investigation. Netscout Systems is one of the leading companies in this field due to an in-depth study of the problem and its solutions. The company’s efforts resulted in innovative technologies for analyzing and correlating data and traffic flows (nGenius) and comprehensive packet analysis (Sniffer).  

The vendor’s solutions for network and application monitoring, Network Detection and Response (NDR), DDoS protection, and solutions for mobile operators to protect and monitor telecom infrastructure will be available to customers.  

“Cooperation with Netscout Systems will significantly improve our value proposition to customers. The vendor’s technology solutions will enhance our ability to solve problems related to the organization and management of application infrastructure. The synergy of the vendor’s solutions with those in BAKOTECH’s portfolio will give it confidence in its product’s meaningful and competent promotion,” comments Eugene Badakh, CEO of BAKOTECH. 


BAKOTECH is an international company with a leading position in focused Value-Added IT distribution and supplies solutions from leading IT manufacturers. Positioning itself as a True Value-Added IT distributor, BAKOTECH provides professional pre- and post-sales, marketing, and technical support for partners and end customers. 

If you have questions about Netscout solutions, please contact us at: netscout@bakotech.com. Learn more about Netscout solutions on the website: https://netscout.bakotech.com 

About Netscout Systems  

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. protects the connected world from cyberattacks and performance disruptions through advanced detection and response and comprehensive network visibility. With its pioneering large-scale deep packet inspection, the company effectively partners with the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations. 

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